This section will walk you through sending an Instant Message, Voice/Video Calling, Screen Sharing, and Sending Files through Skype.

Instant Messaging: Select the contact you want to send an Instant Message to on in the contacts pane. Then type your message in the message box beneath the chat window outlined in (RED) and press enter/return.

Video/Voice Calling: To make a video or voice call in Skype just select the user you wish to call in the contacts pane and then click the “Video call” or “Call” buttons. NOT authorized to use in the corporate office at this time. 

NOTE: This feature is free unless you call a landline. 

Screen Sharing: To initiate Screen Sharing in Skype you must have a call initiated with another user. Click “Call” in the Skype menu bar and then select “Share Screens…”

NOTE: If you have multiple screens you must choose one. Select the screen then “Start.”

In order to end the screen sharing click “Stop Sharing”

File Sharing: To send a file to another user just drag and drop a file from a folder or your desktop into the chat window or message box. Either will work. However the other user must accept the file for the transfer to begin and be completed. DO NOT use Skype to transfer PHI data.

NOTE: This is similar to what you will see when someone attempts to send you a file. You must click “Save as” in order to initiate and complete the transfer.