This section will walk you through adding a co-worker to Skype.

If you use Microsoft Outlook Desktop 2010/2013, a green line or box will surround the ereso contact if they are listed online and available for instant messaging. 

Double click on their name and click the comment icon shown below. This will automatically take you to Skype and allow you to chat with them. Please note, YOU must be signed on first. 

To Add a Contact in Skype:

STEP 1: Click the contacts menu in the Skype menu bar. Then hover over “Add Contact” and click “Search Skype Directory…”

STEP 2: Click inside the search box and type the ereso email address of the person who you wish to add. (

STEP 3: Select the user name in the results list (BLUE) then click “Add to Contacts.” Now click “Send” to send a request to this user. If you cannot find a user on Skype they most likely have not signed on, yet. Send them an email asking them to sign on if you would like to instant message with them. They will need to contact for set up. 

NOTE: Until the user accepts your contact request you will be unable to see their “Status” online. This is reflected in the small grey Skype symbol with a question mark. Once they accept, they will change to the green Skype symbol with a check mark inside or one mentioned below. 

NOTE: There are several other types of status’ you may see (below). Invisible cannot be discerned from Offline except if the user responds to instant messages or calls. We do not support Call Forwarding.

TIP: As much as Skype can speed you up, it can also be distracting when you need some uninterrupted time to plow through some work. To set your status click on the icon next to your name in the top left hand corner: