Contact IT if you are not certain if you have access to vFax or eFax. If you are sending PHI, you MUST use eFax.

STEP 1: Log in your account ( 

Username: your ereso email 

Password: This is given to you by IT. If you have forgotten your password click the "Login Help" button shown below. Your ereso email is the email that is registered to your account. 

*Be sure to click on "User" when the login prompt opens (not Admin)

STEP 2: Although you see options to send eFax through email, you may NOT use email to send PHI. If you are sending PHI you are only authorized to use the eFax portal. See below for instructions to use the eFax portal:

Sending a secure eFax via the portal:

STEP 1: After logging in, click on "Send a Fax" located on the right hand side of the homepage 

STEP 2: Fill in the appropriate information. Only fill in the fields that are applicable (no Ref ID or Account ID is needed)

NOTE: Be sure to include our confidentiality clause in the Cover Page section (copy and paste from your resolution signature):

To receive an eFax:

ALL faxes will be received via the online portal. Due to increased security, no more faxes can be received via email on ANY eFax LINE. To access your online mailbox to receive eFaxes, repeat Steps 1-3 to login. On the right side of the homepage, click on "Secure Inbox":

Below is what your eFax online portal looks like. It functions like an email box. However, be advised that no sent faxes will be stored in this portal. All copies of sent PHI faxes must be stored in Egnyte or securely deleted from your desktop. You will receive notification when an eFax has been received to your ereso email, and it will prompt you to log in to view the fax. You must log in to this portal every time to view an eFax.

NOTE: You may still send out eFaxes via email, but ONLY IF if you are NOT sending PHI or Confidential docs. Email instructions HERE.