Clients (Inactive) contains files for Clients that we are no longer invoicing, and who have paid their final invoice.  Clients will be moved from Active to Inactive by the Finance Dept when their final invoice is paid.

Most staff have no access and won’t see this directory.  Project Managers and above have the same access as they had when the Client was Active.

Purging Inactive Clients - Once Clients are in the Clients (Inactive) directory, IT will periodically (approximately once per month) go through and identify any inactive Clients that still have any work papers.  They will then notify Partners, Regional Revenue Cycle Managers, and Project Managers of their intent to purge all Inactive client data EXCEPT the Reference and Finance directories, which will survive indefinitely.  Partners, Regional Revenue Cycle Directors, and Project Managers will then be responsible for removing any information (other than PHI) that should survive – such as newly developed best practices that can be applied to other Clients using the same Client information system, or other Clients of the same engagement type, and moving that content accordingly.  Or, if a Partner determines that other prospective business is in the foreseeable future and the existing data is important to continuing the Client relationship, that Client’s circumstances will determine whether or not some or all data is purged. 

Below is an example of the standard folders within an Inactive Client, including both purged (AL Lee through Brownfield) and unpurged (Chambers 2011 through Clifton Springs) Clients.