Clients (Active) contains all files specific to an individual Client.  

All Staff have access only to those Clients they are working with directly, and have access specific to their roles. The standard folders within each active client are shown below:

Data Uploads contains any files or raw data uploaded by a Client.  Selected staff at the Client site will have Edit access.  Project Managers, Consultants (Contractors), Reporting, and above (Regional Revenue Cycle Directors, Partners have Edit or Full access.

Finance contains files associated with Client Invoices.  The Finance Department and anyone associated with creating this Client’s invoice (Reporting Group) have Edit or Full access.

Individual Worklists contains ATB’s or other work lists created to facilitate workflow for individual Analysts or other staff members.   The Reporting Staff and any other appropriate staff members (Analysts, Coders, others) have Edit or Full access. This is also where Payment Lists for Review will be located, and where the completed Payment List AFTER the Review is located.

IT contains info systems working files, such as interim ATB’s, Payment Lists (working copy), Accountability Reports and the MS Access db’s used to create them. The IT Staff has Owner access. Reporting has full access.


Reference contains contracts, BAA’s and other documents that govern the Client relationship.   Assigned Project Managers/ Partner/ RRCD, Contractors (as needed), Reporting, and Finance have Editor. Marketing has Full access. 

Operational Documents contains documents and guidelines detailing operations and work flow specific to each client.

Reports contains all Client facing and Internal reports, including working papers.  Final reports are in sub directories by Date.   Project Managers, Contractors (as needed), Reporting, Finance, Marketing and above have Edit or Full access.  A description of the Sub-Folders under Reports and what they are used for are shown below.

·  Client Report Package  Client facing reports, placed in monthly buckets such as:  2013-09 (September)


 · Internal Report Package Reports for the use of internal management, used to facilitate and manage the engagement.

o Draft copies – Work in Process.  Used to store the reports as they are being created, but not yet ready for publication or sharing.  When completed, the reports will be moved to the appropriate final location.

o  Management Reports.  Official internal month end package. The Monthly buckets will contain the Monthly Productivity Reports (with Graphs), as well as all other monthly management reports.

o  Meeting Minutes.  Contains minutes of all client related meetings. PM should house all Agendas and corresponding Minutes by date.

o  Monthly P&L.  Contains all monthly Profit and Loss reports for that client.  Will be in Monthly buckets – finance save by date.


o  Accountability.  The accountability Reports will be placed here in bi-weekly buckets.

o  Aging reports - (description per Diana) PM save by date

o  ATB’s. The ATB Reports will be placed here in bi-weekly buckets.

o  Daily Productivity Reports (including the Rolled Up Productivity Reports)

o  Invoices. The completed and approved Invoice will be placed here in bi-weekly buckets.  This is a copy of what was sent to the client.

o  Other.  Any other report as needed for this client.



User Folders contain any working papers for individuals assigned to that Client that don’t fit into another, more general folder.  The named team member, their Project Manager, and above have Edit or Full access.  Each individual has access only to their named folder.

There may also be additional files unique to the Engagement Type, such as the Coding work being done for IRMC.


Coding Management contains content specific to management, such as QA and Compliance files.   Coding Project Managers and above have Edit or Full access.


Coding Work contains files specific to each Coder’s role.  All Coders and their Project Manager, and above have Edit or Full access.