Do NOT follow these steps if you don't currently have a scanning folder on your desktop. You need to submit a support ticket if you have not already been set up. 

If your scanning folder is not showing up as an option on the Savin machine, most likely the computer to the right of it has been turned off. Be sure that computer is on. 

If it has been turned off follow these steps:

STEP 1: At the windows log in screen, log in to Louisville 24 (see Julie/Camille for credentials) 

STEP 2: There is a shortcut to Windows XP Mode on the desktop, click to open 

STEP 3: Click this notepad for the credentials to Windows XP Mode (also located on the desktop) 

The program just needs to be open, as it operates the scanning function on the Savin. 

STEP 4: Then, on the actual Savin printer, press Scanner on the right side, press "update addresses" on the Scanning screen. 

If these steps do not work please submit a support ticket.