STEP 1: Go to the website:

STEP 2: Enter Log in Information

You will receive log-in information from your Project Manager 

STEP 3: Select the Hospital

STEP 4: Select the Financial Class

STEP 5: Enter Account Number 

NOTE: Admit number may or may not be used depending on system requirements at the facility. 

STEP 6: Select a Reason Code & Action Taken

• Reason codes tell us the why the claim is unpaid
• Action taken  tells us what was done to resolve the claim.

• See Quick Sheet for complete list of Reason Codes and Action Taken Codes 

STEP 7: Enter the Amount 

• Amount equals the remaining balance on the account.

 NOTE: DO NOT enter $ in the blank field. If you receive an error this is most likely the reason. 

STEP 8: Click Insert Record

STEP 9: Entry Completed

 • Once you select insert record the account will populate in the list labeled “Accounts Worked Last 30 Days”
• 10 entries will appear on a page. Select page number to view additional entries
• If you make a mistake in the data entered you must “Delete” the entry and start over.