If you are receiving an error "Trying to Connect", try to send a test email to see if it will go through anyway. This has occurred with several users, as Outlook will display "trying to connect", but it is actually connected. Check Sent emails to see if your test has gone through. If it will still not send your email, proceed below:

If you have connectivity issues, repairing your account may be able to help. You may see evidence of connectivity issues at the bottom right of your Outlook window. 

STEP 1: Test your internet connection. Open your prefered browser and point it to www.google.com to see if it will load. Then perform a a random search like “apple and oranges” to see if you are connected.

If you are unable to connect or perform a search you may have other network connectivity issues beyond Outlook which is outside the scope of this guide. See fix network connectivity to fix this issue. 

STEP 2: Open Account Settings

STEP 3: Repair your account

STEP 4: Repair your account. Click Next.

If it was successful you should see all green checkmarks. Click Finish.