You should have already received your login instructions from Nancy DeBaere, if you have not please contact asap. Your email should look like this:

Hi User,

Below is a link and username and password to allow you to log in to Paycom, our Payroll Company and HR system for onboarding new employees. I recommend logging on and making the changes to your username (Paycom uses email addresses for usernames) and password right away. Please store your new login information in a secure place that you can access in case you forget your personalized username and password.

On the top bar you will see “Login”. Select from the drop-down click on “Employee”. In the screen that comes up, please type in the following information. The last field requires that you enter the last four digits of your social security number.

Username: 0R294xxCO (beginning digit is ZERO, case sensitive and the last digit is the letter O)

Password: Reso1234 (case sensitive)

Attached are documents that will help you log-on to Paycom and set up a personalized username and password, instructions for using the online time-keeping system, and instructions for submitting time off requests. Please also remember to access your to-do list on Paycom that will lead you through filling out an electronic W4 and I9, verifying and adding personal demographic information, EEO1 information, emergency contact, and direct deposit information. 

Please complete your to-do list in Paycom as soon as possible so we can make sure we have all the information necessary to get you completely set up.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.