Add your signature in Outlook Web App (length of the signature will only work to add within Chrome. If you don't have access to Chrome please notify

STEP 1: At the top of the Outlook Web App page, click the gear symbol> Options

STEP 2: In the Options window >Settings 

STEP 3:  In the E-Mail Signature box, copy and paste the correct re|solution signature, then edit it to reflect your name, title, and phone/fax numbers.

STEP 4: To add your signature to all outgoing messages, select the automatically include my signature on messages I send check box.

STEP 5: Be sure and check that your emails are sent with HTML formatting by selecting this option in the Compose messages in this format

STEP 6: Click Save or press CTRL+S. 

What else do I need to know?

Do not configure your email signature to automatically include a vCard.  You may choose to manually attach your vCard to new or forwarded emails at your discretion.