Log into my re|solution (ereso.com) Email Account


re|solution’s email client is MS Office 365 Exchange: Outlook. Outlook offers two ways to log into your account:

OPTION 1:  https://portal.microsoftonline.com (via the web).  You may use this from a re|solution issued PC, a personal PC, or a Client owned PC.


OPTION 2: Outlook desktop version (only accessible to users that have MS Office: Outlook provided by your facility).  Use this option ONLY from a re|solution issued PC.   



OPTION 1: To sign in via the web

1.  Go to the sign-in page:  https://portal.microsoftonline.com


2.  Enter your ereso.com User-ID (e-mail address) and corresponding password



Here is your information:

  • ·   User-ID (e-mail address): firstname.lastname@ereso.com


  • ·    Password: you have received a notification from Microsoft (below) indicating your username and temporary password. If you do not see this notification in your personal email account or facility email account, please contact support@ereso.com



If you are using ANY mobile device to access your ereso.com account (ie. cell phone, iPad, etc.) you MUST place a secured lock on the device. View our policy on mobile devices here. If you need help to do this please email re|solution support at support@ereso.com with the model of your device and we will provide you with instructions.