Resolution IT will assign lessons, if you have been required to take the training. Here are the Modules you can expect to be trained on:

Privacy and Confidentiality (11 lessons)

Allowable Uses and Disclosures


Business Associate Agreements

HIPAA Privacy Notice

Introduction to the HIPAA Privacy Rule

Patient Rights — Rights to Request Amendment, Accounting, and File Complaints

Patient Rights — Rights to Privacy Notice, Confidential Communications, Access and Restricted Use

Penalties and Sanctions for Privacy Breaches

Reasonable Safeguards and Employee Responsibilities

Breach Notification Rule

Introduction to HIPAA Security and the HITECH Act


General Compliance Training (11 lessons)

Deficit Reduction Act – An Introduction to the False Claims Act

Elements of a Compliance Program

General Documentation Requirements

Introduction to Compliance

Medicare Requirements — Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire

Medicare Requirements — Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (ABN)

Medicare Requirements — Medical Necessity

Practical Examples of Fraud and Abuse

Teaching Physician Rule

Red Flags Rule