The general guidance for sharing PHI or Confidential Information within re|solution or between re|solution and a specific facility’s staff is ‘minimum necessary’.  You may share PHI or Confidential information freely with any other re|solution staff assigned to that facility, any more senior or support staff from re|solution with the need to know (such as Regional Revenue Cycle managers, Partners, or IT support staff), or any staff of that specific facility. 

Only Project Leaders or more senior re|solution staff may share PHI or Confidential Information with re|solution staff who are NOT assigned to that facility.

Under no circumstances can PHI or Confidential Information be shared with anyone outside of re|solution Consulting or the specific facility’s staff for a given project. You may not share such information with your family members, prospective or past staff members, or with the staff of a different facility.


Anyone currently full time, part time, or engaged as a consultant is considered ‘staff’ for both re|solution and a specific facility.

When in doubt, ask your Project Manager.