New Timeclock System: Welcome to Paycom

By now you have received your log-ins for Paycom. To help you get logged on and navigate the site, you will find several pdf documents HERE with instructions for logging in, time tracking (for hourly and salaried), submitting PTO requests, and for verifying and correcting your personal information. When you get an opportunity between now and Sunday, we recommend that you take some time to go through the site and change your username and password. Please start using the Paycom site to track your time beginning Sunday, December 15, 2013.

You can also access other tutorials and instructions on the Paycom website. At the top right of your page when you are logged in, you can click on the question mark icon for instructions and tutorials.

Because we are changing payroll companies, we also need you to fill out a new W-4, I-9 (no need to resend driver’s license or social security cards), and direct deposit information. All these forms are available on the site and will populate the system once you fill these forms out. Please complete these items by next Friday, December 20, 2013.

Please be aware, we are still updating some of the codes for your departments, but they should all be completed and correct by Sunday when you will begin clocking in to the Paycom website to track your time. After Sunday, If you see something that doesn’t look right with your department, please send an email to so that we can look into it.


For salaried employees who work on numerous clients, sometimes in a single day, beginning Sunday, December 15, please fill out your time online into the Paycom system (instructions attached); we will no longer use the time allocation spreadsheet.


For all PTO requests associated with this current pay period which ends tomorrow (Saturday, December 14), please be sure you have submitted the Time Off Request form in addition to the request in NetTime (our protocol to this point). For the next pay period, please submit all PTO requests using the Time Off Request form only. Because we will pull your PTO balances from ERC after our final payday with them next Friday, December 20, you won’t be able to enter your requests into Paycom until the balances are completely transferred.


For any PTO requests you have already made beyond the next pay period, we will use the Time Off Request forms that you have already submitted to verify PTO hours, but you will also be able to enter those requests into Paycom.


Please submit your expense reports and receipts exactly the same way that we have been doing this. Paycom does have a module for expense reporting, but we will not be setting this up until after the first of the year.


We know that there have been a lot of changes in a short period of time, and appreciative the patience you are exercising with us. Please let us know if you need assistance.



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