Internet Explorer 11: Compatibility issues may occur with remote access

This support resource is in reference to the Internet Explorer 11 update for current Windows 7 users.

What is the update?:

In the past few days Windows has started to push an update for the Windows 7 operating system. This update generally runs overnight on your computer and will update your version of Internet Explorer from its current version to IE 11

How does this relate to you?:

Some of our remote access set up's (ie. IRMC) is not compatible with this new IE 11 edition. It is compatible with IE 10, though. Once IE 11 is installed on a computer running the Windows 7 OS, we recommend to downgrade back to IE 10. If you are receiving any system errors through your remote access, this is most likely the cause. 

Next Steps:

1. Windows 7 clients who have already upgraded to IE 11

Rolling back to IE 10. To do so go to Start>Control Panel>Programs/Uninstall a program>View Installed Updates>Select Internet Explorer 11 (it will take a minute to populate, click "name" at the top to sort)> Select Uninstall.

You system will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect. 

Please contact our Support Team with any questions on this process.


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