Java has updated! Remote access can be affected.

Coders, this will affect eCW please go here if you are not able to view certain docs or scans in eCW. 

STEP 1: Navigate to this website and update java:

If you don't have permissions contact 

After it has finished downloading, it will kick you back to the original java site and ask you to verify. Please verify. 

STEP 2: If you are still experiencing issues, you need to make sure Java is enabled in "add ons": to do this in Internet Explorer go to Tools > Manage Add-ons...

Scroll down to Java and click all add ons associated with Java to be sure all sites are authorized to run the application. 

If you receive the following error:

Go back and reinstall Java, and then go back through add-ons (steps 1 & 2 above). Be advised you MUST be logged out of any network connection/portal. After repeating the steps above, log back in and see if you receive the error again. If you do, contact 

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